There are no Vietcong game servers online anymore. Really?

Fortunately, no. Only the GameSpy support has ended. However, with this support gone, you will see an empty server list in your game. Bear in mind, this doesn't affect hosting dedicated servers and connecting to them directly.

I want my server list back! Is there any solution?

Yes, now acts also as an alternative master server. You just have to redirect network queries meant for GameSpy to This can be achieved by simply adding one line to your hosts file.

Download this script, run it (as an administrator, if needed) and you're done!

In case of any problems, or if you want to do this manually, just run program Notepad, open file C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the following line to the end of the file:


  • It may be necessary to run Notepad as administrator, again, so the system lets you save the file.
  • It may be necessary to temporarily disable your antivirus.
  • Is your main drive really C:?

I host a server. Should I also do this?

Definitely! If you don't do it, your server won't be included in any server list, thus – unfortunately – won't be noticed by anyone.

What about Qtracker?

Qtracker was the first alternative master server, but its creator announced that he'd shut down the service. It still works, but it's uncertain for how long.'s so­lution is open-sourced and can be recreated by anyone. Even if there's more alternative master servers at the same time, it's no problem: they can fetch data from each other, creating a network of master servers.

However, if you happen to host a server, you can keep the old line for some time: This way players fetching server list directly from Qtracker will stay supported.