Qtracker support is coming to an end!

But that's no problem for us, registered servers will be visible here anyway, and players will be able to connect to them using the "Run" button.

Register a server

Name Map Mode Players Actions
Previous 1 2 3 Next Items 1 - 20 of 42
CZ -!*VIETNAM WAR ZONE*!- #1 Halong-V1.9 CTF 0/32 Run
DE =TD=Neo's Ballerbude Midi CTF 0/16 Run
IT Srv MaxLab [ITA] Storm ATG 0/12 Run
CZ Server #2 75Kc / mesic Midi CTF 0/16 Run
CZ {G.S} Trenink server NVABase COOP 0/6 Run
FI ducks coop range VC_Storm_beta_1 COOP 0/8 Run
CZ =B= Solopysk 10mm-Rue_de_la_Mort DM 0/14 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #3 ThreeCanyons COOP 0/16 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #4 Argonath_Port_VCC COOP 0/16 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #5 CaoBangBeta1 COOP 0/16 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #7 WaterFall ATG 0/64 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #6 Midi CTF 0/64 Run
CZ {G.S} Clan server Halong-V1.9 CTF 0/20 Run
CZ VLCI DOUPE HalongPort DM 0/16 Run
CZ Server #3 75Kc / mesic CanTho CTF 0/30 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #1 de_Dust2_DLX COOP 0/16 Run
NL [HR]-HellRaisers #8 Osgiliath-City CTF 0/64 Run
CZ ALPHA-TEAM.CZ #1 [AT]CodenameFactory COOP 0/8 Run
CZ ALPHA-TEAM.CZ #2 Private NVABase COOP 0/8 Run
CZ Elit'acky Server. [CZ a SK] ThreeCanyons COOP 0/6 Run